5 Things We Learned About Lorde Last Night At Le Poisson Rouge

by (@megsokay)


2) She’s The Anti-Pop Pop Star

The pop market is saturated with women in their 20s who wear outlandish wigs and outrageous costumes. They strive to project a false sense of coquettish girlishness, vampy sexiness or an unearthly combination of the two.

Lorde doesn’t do any of these things.

There are no wigs, no pyrotechnics, no hearts made out of hands, no lollipops, no back up dancers, no giant eggs, no revealed skin, and no thinly veiled, coy references to marijuana.

I mean, at one point in the night, you could smell an overreaching batch of pot in the crowd, to which Lorde giggled, “I can smell it.” But she wasn’t pretending she didn’t know what it was.

She’s just a precocious teen in a black dress singing pop songs.

It’s sumptuous in it’s spareness and something that obviously sets her apart from everyone else on the scene right now.


3) She’s Still Growing — And That’s a Good Thing

Half of the songs in Lorde’s set have been released and the other half were from her new album. So, basically, last night’s concert wasn’t just an American debut, it was a preview of what’s to come–and the crowd was into it. By the end of the show, the audience was clapping along with the songs they’d never heard before.  You can already find live bootlegs and enthusiastic reviews of the new songs online.

The consensus is that fans of her EP have nothing to worry about. The new album should be great.

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