The 25 Most Scandalously Sexy Music Videos Of All Time

by (@JordanRuntagh)

15. “Lapdance” by N*E*R*D (2001)

When you record a song as a tribute to strip-clubs, chances are pretty high that the video is gonna catch some flack. Viewers were mortified by the explicit sexual displays and the offensive objectification of women, so the original version was heavily censored when it was first released. Tragically, no one thought to censor Pharrell’s terrifying mustache.


14. “Miserable” by Lit (1999) 

That’s the great thing about being in a rock band, even just a marginally successful one: You can request that your next video take place on Pamela Anderson‘s bikini-clad body, and no one bats an eye! Although it’s not total cheesecake. In the end, giantess Pam gets the last laugh by eating the band members alive one by one.

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