The Top 10 Rip-Offs In Music History

by (@unclegrambo)

Did Green Day Rip-Off The Kinks?

2. The Accused: Green Day, “Warning”

The Original: The Kinks, “Picture Book”

The Case: Similar to the Chili Peppers and Tom Petty story we discussed earlier, Green Day avoided having to write a big check to the Kinks due to the kindness of Ray Davies (the two songs feature a nearly identical circular riff). In a weird twist, though, Green Day was threatened with a lawsuit for copyright infringement not by the Kinks, but rather by a British band called Other Garden. The case never reached court, but if we were to place Billie Jo’s hand on a bible, we’re guessing he’d cop to lifting the riff not from Other Garden, but from The Kinks.

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