North West Revealed, Plus 10 Things We Learned From Kanye West On Kris

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It pays to be a part of the family. Kanye West, who will be performing at the 2013 Video Music Awards this weekend, adapted himself for the daytime television audience today–smiling, laughing, even altering his voice to a slightly higher-pitch as not to scare those who haven’t had their coffee yet–and puzzled all who enjoy the Sad Kanye meme or read his epic New York Times profile back in June. In his first television interview since becoming a father, Kanye joked around with his potential mother-in-law (“Please don’t call me soft as a rapper”) and fielded psychological analysis from the woman who has made a name and career for herself by putting her children in front of a camera.

At times it was sweet–Baby North‘s cheeks are definitely ones I want to squeeze–and at times it was uncomfortable, particularly when Kris tried extra hard to prove that she is close with her daughter’s boyfriend, going so far as to ask him what it’s like to live in her chaotic household. Tread carefully, Ye! Still, the hour-long chat proved to be quite insightful. Here’s what we learned about Steve Jobs’ biggest fan.

1. Kim and Kanye haven’t tried to get paid for photos of Baby North.


[Photo Credit: @MissJournalism]

Despite what you may have heard–or the fashionistas at Vogue want you to believe–Kanye wasn’t interested in having North land on the cover of weeklies. Instead, he thought that revealing a picture of his baby girl on “her grandmother’s season finale” would be really neat. Awww. Wait, who are you calling a grandmother?

2. Since North was born, Kanye has developed his own set of daddy issues.
There was a lot of discussion about what it means to be a father. Kanye was very complimentary of his own dad (whom Kris called “handsome”) but still has his own concerns about his newest job. Many new fathers–including Prince William–are often left mystified by that confusing mechanism called a car seat, and Kanye still wakes up at 3 am in cold sweats about whether or not he can properly install North’s most important accessory.

3. He’s the only man who knows how to properly pick out a pair of shoes for a woman.
“I’m definitely romantic because I’m an artist,” Kanye said. “I like to sweep someone off their feet.”
And if that special someone is lucky, he’ll fly him or her to Rimini, Italy and have Giuseppe Zanotti make them a pair himself “from scratch.” Perks.

4. He’s a Star Wars fan.
And like Ross Gellar from Friends, Princess Leia is his dream girl (hence Kim’s getup in Yeezy’s one-time pitch for a sketch television show).

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