Can You Guess These Famous Hats of Hard Rock?

by (@BHSmithNYC)

Guess The Hard Rock Hats

Hard rock and heavy metal is often known for bands whose looks are as outrageous as their high volume musical hijinx and what better way to top off a great outfit than with some quality headgear. Some keep it simple with a working man’s cap, others try to get classy with a fedora and of course some get flamboyant with jewel-encrusted cowboy hats and leather lids. Take a gander at these famously head-coated hard rockers and see if you can guess who they are just from their chapeaus.


This hard rocker is seldom seen without his ubiquitous top hat and played not only in one of the ’80s biggest hard rock bands but also on an album by “The King of Pop.”

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