FREE FALLING! 10 Musicians Whose On-Stage Wipeouts Were Caught On Video

by (@unclegrambo)

musicians-falling-on-stage It’s all the rage these days to complain about concert attendees who kill the vibe by spending the entire show recording with their mobile phones or, worse, their iPads. While we don’t disagree entirely with the rage against those addicted to their screens, we would like to thank those brave souls who sacrifice the experience of living in the moment in order to capture these moments for posterity, especially when said moments result in once-in-a-lifetime fails. So, won’t you join us and salute these amateur videographers without whose dedication we would never have been able to see this grainy footage of superstar musicians like BeyoncĂ©, Jennifer Lopez, Metallica’s Jason Newsted, Aerosmith’s Steven Tyler hilariously wiping out on stage for all our enjoyment? (Oh, PS: We turned all of these fails into GIFs for your enjoyment. You’re welcome!) JOE JONAS

Joe Jonas TrippingJoe Jonas TrippingJoe Jonas TrippingJoe Jonas Tripping
Some people may believe in the power of a big grand finale, but we always like to show our best cards right out of the gate. While we were researching this post, we stumbled upon this clip of the Jonas Brothers performing at the 2007 American Music Awards and, well, we haven’t been able to stop laughing since. Perhaps rattled by the explosion of fake glass mere inches away from his face, or perhaps sensing a moment of viral infamy was in his grasp, the normally unflappable Joe Jonas bites it mere seconds into one of his band’s first big nationally televised performances. And you wondered why they didn’t last!

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