Rock Rants: The 10 Most Epic Musician Meltdowns Ever Caught On Tape

by (@JordanRuntagh)

8. The Troggs Go Wild Recording “Tranquility” 

The blokes who brought us the garage classic “Wild Thing” went wild while working on a song called (ironically) “Tranquility” in 1970. Apparently the band were called into the studio without having written a completed song, and the band tried their very best to flesh it out as the tapes rolled. If the infighting, name calling and petty grievances are any indication, it didn’t go well, and we’ve yet to find the finished cut on record. But their drawn-out studio tiff proved to be a huge hit on bootlegs, and allegedly inspired scenes in the classic music mockumentary This Is Spinal Tap

Highlights: “You’ve gotta put a little bit of f–kin’ fairy dust over the bastard.” “Well, we’ll put some fairy dust over it – I’ll piss over the tape.”

“F–kin’ drummer. I s–t ‘em.”

F-Bomb Count: 98 (plus 1 C-Bomb)


7. Brian Wilson’s Dad Crashes A Beach Boy Recording Session

American’s Band were very much a family affair, managed in the early days by the tempestuous Murry Wilson, father of members Brian, Dennis and Carl Wilson (and uncle to Mike Love). Tales of the physical and emotional abuse he inflicted on his sons are legendary, but the elder Wilson’s overly-aggressive approach was instrumental to the band’s early progress. By the mid sixties brother Brian was hailed as a hit-making musical wunderkind and given free production reign in the studio by the record execs…but his father was much harder to please. Despite their successes (and the fact that they fired him as their manager), he still insisted on attending sessions and forcefully inserting his two cents where it wasn’t wanted. The most famous incident occurred on January 8th 1965, when he drunkenly crashed a date for “Help Me Rhonda,” destined to be the band’s second Number One. You can listen to the full tape here, but the edited version features the immortal line where he slurs to his brilliant son, “Brian, I’m a genius too.”

Highlights: “Whatsa matter? You make too much money, buddy?”


F-Bomb Count: 0

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