10 Best Overlooked Musical Moments On Television

by (@sllambe)

3. Show: Grey’s Anatomy
Song: Los Chicros, “Back In The Wild (Greenskeepers Remix)”

For what it’s worth, there are tons of a great musical moments on Grey’s. And most of those moments were usually dripping in pain and sorrow, such as the use of Anna Nalick’s “Breathe (2 AM)” in a scene later in the same episode we’re highlighting. In the two-part Super Bowl event, everything was very heavy, very dramatic. In the first part, it felt like some of the sexiness and fun had all but disappeared. That’s why this moment shared between Meredith and Cristina is so great. Despite the fact that Meredith has her hand on a bomb inside a man’s chest, she and Cristina are able to talk about the ‘real problems’ in their lives: love, boyfriends and sex.

4. Show: Lost
Song: Mama Cass, “Make Your Own Kind Of Music”

Most of television’s most memorable musical moments are remembered for the gut-wrenching impact on viewers. In that department, Lost had things covered with a chilling score by Michael Giacchino. The show rarely used pop songs and when it did on the season two premiere, it came as a shocker. From the moment fans realized they were seeing life inside the hatch, Mama Cass became synonymous with the Island. It was probably one of the best reveals on TV in a long time and the song only added to its impact and delivery.

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