10 Best Overlooked Musical Moments On Television

by (@sllambe)

9. Show: Skins
Song: Crystal Castles, “Alice Practice”

The first class of Skins was easily the best cast. Nicholas Hoult (X-Men: First Class) played the cocky Tony, who was sidelined by a car accident in the previous season. Suffering from amnesia, his character became a shadow of his former self. Meanwhile, Sid found his father dead in the kitchen. After spending the entire episode of aloof, he opened up to Tony at the Crystal Castles concert. It was a jarring if not powerful moment set to “Alice Practice,” a song full of angst and energy.

10. Show: The West Wing
Song: David Brubeck, “Take Five”

Late in season six, well after the Aaron Sorkin days, The West Wing orchestrated a surprisingly brilliant scene to the music of David Brubeck. It kicks off with Jimmy Smits making a reference to The Jerk. From there, the scene plays out to the rhythm of “Take Five” as the camera spins around sets of characters discussing all things but politics. It’s one of those scenes focused on sharp dialogue that was missed after Sorkin left the show.




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