10 Songs That Need To Be Retired From TV

by (@sllambe)

6. “Hide and Seek” by Imogen Heap
Heard On: CSI: Miami, Gossip Girl, Grey’s Anatomy, The O.C., Smith and So You Think You Can Dance

The O.C. is basically responsible for the career of Imogen Heap. Without it, the singer would not have had much of a career. Though the best use of this song has to be Jason Derulo’s cover featured in Gossip Girl. Otherwise, let it and Imogen go.

7. “I Will Follow You Into The Dark” by Death Cab For Cutie
Heard On: 90210, Nikita, Scrubs and So You Think You Can Dance

Surprisingly, Death Cab has not been nearly as abused by shows as one would expect. They have a number of songs featured on shows but this is by far the most. It’s one of the more tolerable songs on the list but sadly has worn out its welcome.

8. “Open Your Eyes” by Snow Patrol
Heard On: Being Erica, The Black Donnellys, Brothers and Sisters, Cold Case, ER, Grey’s Anatomy and Heroes

Unlike Death Cab, Snow Patrol has been overexposed on TV. Between this track and “Chasing Cars,” there was a two-year period where they could be heard everywhere.

9. “Over The Rainbow” by Judy Garland/Israel Kamakawiwo’ole
Heard On: Charmed, Cold Case, ER, Glee, Horizon, Life on Mars, Scrubs and South Pacific

It’s always sad to retire classic songs such as this. But it has to go, especially because of Kamakawiwo’ole’s¬†ukulele cover that suddenly gave new life to the song. ER was one of the first shows to jump on board using the song for dramatic sequences and from there it just went all over the place. At least Scrubs took the time to cover the cover.

10. “We Are Young” by .fun
Heard On: 90210, Chuck, Glee and Gossip Girl

This song hasn’t been abused or overused nearly as bad as the other tracks on this list but given how new the song is, it’s already overstayed its welcome. We are tired of hearing this song at every finale/party/event/revelation in life.

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