The Best (Fake) Songs Written For TV

by (@sllambe)

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All week we’ve been celebrating the return of Fall TV with a look back on the best musical moments on television and songs that need to be retired. Now we are looking back on all the songs made up for a TV show. We’ve gathered up the best songs performed by your favorite characters. Everything from “Let’s Go To The Mall” (Robin Sparkles, How I Met Your Mother) to “Smelly Cat” (Phoebe, Friends) is on this list.

1. “Muffin Top,” Jenna Maroney
Show: 30 Rock

Jenna Maroney, easily the show’s best character, had the most prolific fake career ever. She starred in Con Air: The Musical, The Rural Juror and Jackie Jomp-Jomp. Though her best move was the number 1 hit in Israel, “Muffin Top.”

2. “Let’s Go To The Mall,” Robin Sparkles
Show: How I Met Your Mother

When it was revealed that Robin had a secret past life as Canadian pop singer, Robin Sparkles, no one had any idea it meant the best mall jam. Ever.

3. “Smelly Cat,” Phoebe Buffay
Show: Friends

There was a point in Phoebe’s career when it seemed like her music was going to take off. Sadly, it resulted in the overproduced version of “Smelly Cat.”

4. “Dick In A Box,” Andy Samberg and Justin Timberlake
Show: Saturday Night Live

One of the best digital shorts to date is the surprise hit, “Dick In A Box,” which was tucked into the show’s Christmas episode.

5. “Dayman,” The Gang
Show: It’s Always Sunny In Philadelphia

On It’s Always Sunny, Charlie thought his way to win the waitress’ heart was to write the musical, Nightman Cometh. While his attempt at love backfired, he at least created the addictive “Dayman.”

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