The Best (Fake) Songs Written For TV

by (@sllambe)

6. “Electric Love,” Gayle and Mr. Fischoeder
Show: Bob’s Burgers

Over the past two seasons, Bob’s has churned out a number of great musical moments including this brilliant diddy about the love between Topsy the elephant and Thomas Edison. Oh sweet love.

7. “Forever,” Jesse and the Rippers
Show: Full House

Why Jesse and the Rippers never made it as a real band beyond Full House is beyond me. This was classic ’90s stuff, plus the added bonus of John Stamos looking into your eyes.

8. “Go For It,” Hot Sundae
Show: Saved By The Bell

Was it a workout video? Was it a kiss-off love song? Or was it the best thing ever to come out of Saved By The Bell?

9. “Trouty Mouth,” Santana
Show: Glee

In the ‘let’s write original music’ themed episode of Glee, Santana took her snarkiness to a whole new level when she wrote a song dedicated to Sam’s big ol’ mouth.

10. “Teach Me How To Understand Christmas,” Annie Edison
Show: Community

Awkward. Inappropriate. And completely hilarious. This is definitely not “Santa Baby” but hey, it’s Annie Edison so we’ll take it.

[Photo: CBS]

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