20 Awesome Unreleased Beatles Recordings We Want To Hear

by (@JordanRuntagh)

10. “It’s All Too Much” (extended version, 1967)

Recorded soon after the sessions for Sgt. Pepper wrapped in April 1967, this anthemic George Harrison track got bumped from the following Magical Mystery Tour album and relegated to a spot on the soundtrack to the Yellow Submarine animated film. Generally viewed as a dumping ground for cast-offs and rejected material (stocked with a few previously-released singles), the regal-yet-psychedelic grandeur of “It’s All Too Much” shines bright. Already lengthy at over 6-minutes, there is also a much longer version containing extra verses.


9. “Child of Nature” (1968)

In early ’68, the Beatles went to the Indian ashram of the Maharishi Mahesh Yogi for a intensive course on Transcendental Meditation. With none of the city distractions, they composed an enormous cache of songs, including this one inspired by a lecture on “the son of mother nature.” Paul was similarly moved to write “Mother Nature’s Son” around the same theme. Upon returning to England, the band gathered at George Harrison’s Esher home to record acoustic demos for tracks that would become The Beatles (know forevermore as The White Album). But the demos would make a pretty album in their own right!

Several titles from these sessions didn’t make the final cut, ending up on later Beatles records, or even solo works. But ” Child of Nature” met with a different fate entirely. Lennon shelved the song until 1971 when he was recording his Imagine record. He took the melody and wrote new lyrics around it, transforming the song into the bruising self portrait “Jealous Guy.”

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