20 Awesome Unreleased Beatles Recordings We Want To Hear

by (@JordanRuntagh)

6. “Dig It” (extended version, 1969)

It’s impossible to count the number of bootlegs that have sprouted from the infamous Get Back (later known as Let It Be) recording dates. That’s what happens when you leave the camera and tapes rolling for a month straight while the band runs through every single song they’ve ever known! The Beatles pulled all sorts of strange stuff out of their communal musical attic during these (generally unpleasant) sessions from January 2nd to January 30th 1969, during which a documentary crew filmed the creative geniuses hard at work on their latest album. At least that was the intent. Oldies from their early ’60s set list, never-recorded song writing efforts, half-hearted covers of contemporary songs, and even some brand new original material; it all got mixed in these drawn out sessions. Improvisational jamming also made up a huge part of the days, with a short snippet of the fun and infectious “Dig It” seeing release on the official Let It Be record in 1970. But the full 8-minute version is something else, showing off John’s unparalleled ability to make up lyrics on the spot.


5. “Two of Us” (rocker version) (1969)

The purpose of the Get Back project was just that: helping the band find their way back to their early rock ‘n’ roll roots, and stripping away all of the studio wizardry that had kept them from playing together like a group of musicians. Thanks to this credo, many of the songs from these sessions have a rollicking ’50s feel. We know Paul’s “Two Of Us” as an Everly Brothers-like acoustic ballad, but it started off as a rocked up barnstormer. The footage from the Let It Be documentary gives just a taste of how good it sounds roughed up, as well as how much fun gunslingers John and Paul have sharing a mic. Even though Paul reportedly wrote the tune about drives in the country with his future-wife Linda Eastman,  the title “Two Of Us” no doubt had special relevance to the two old friends.

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