20 Awesome Unreleased Beatles Recordings We Want To Hear

by (@JordanRuntagh)

4. “Wake Up In The Morning” (1969)

Not much is known about this shuffling song with a country twang that was discovered only a few years back. All we have is that it came from the days worth of tapes for the Get Back/Let It Be sessions. Only this one recording of it is known to exist, and judging from the chatter it sounds like a very early Lennon-McCartney original from the late ’50s. Obviously they never felt like it was worthy of revisiting after this take, but it’s wonderful hearing the warm harmony in their voices -McCartney’s sweet blending with Lennon’s sour. Plus, any song from their embryonic songwriting oeuvre is always interesting.


3. “The Palace Of The King Of The Birds” (1969)

The Beatles go jam band! Paul McCartney takes the lead on this instrumental taken the Get Back/Let It Be mountain of tapes, bearing a passing resemblance to the instrumental theme from Midnight Cowboy. It plods along for ten minutes or so, with the band sounding more like the Grateful Dead than their usual Fab selves. They did several passes of the tune over the next few days, but in the end it was destined for the tape box scap heap. What’s interesting is that Paul recorded it again 9 years later in 1978, for the soundtrack to a proposed Rupert The Bear animated film. This version of the tune was a lot more solid and a lot less noodle-y, but film never came to fruition and so the tune (renamed “Castle of the King Of The Birds”) was shelved a second time. Still, it’s interesting to see the Beatles stretch their instrumental muscle to their limits, something they did only on rare occasions.

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