Pitch Slapped: The 10 Most Brutal Lady Diss Tracks In Hip Hop

by (@JordanRuntagh)

3. “Payback” by Choice (1991)

Aimed At: Willie D, Too Short, Eazy-E, Ice Cube, Geto Boys, and N.W.A.
Fightin’ Words: “Talkin’ ’bout bald head hoes ain’t nice/when you’re mama can’t even roll her hair with rice!”
Behind The Beef: Choice was the “first lady” of the Rap-A-Lot label after getting tapped by big dog MC Willie D to appear on his pioneering Controversy record, guesting on the charmingly-titled track “I Need Some  P–sy” (that’s the one with the lyric “I got a p–sy ’bout the size of Bolivia”). But when her own singles didn’t sell quite as well, she dropped the diss-laden disc, The Big Paypack. To this day it’s unclear if the beefs with Willie and the crew were, or if she was trying to cash-in by igniting her very own Roxanne Wars.
Comeback Track: Willie settled his beef with Choice (and pretty much the rest of his enemies) with the title track on his 1992 album I’m Goin’ Out Lika Soldier.


4. “Name Callin’ Part 2″ by Queen Latifah (1998)

Aimed At: Foxy Brown
Fightin’ Words: “I’m not trippin, I heard you rippin/But I’m into breaking  bitches/And sendin’ em back to their first career- strippin'”
Behind The Beef: It all started when Queen L released the track “Name Callin'” on the soundtrack to the 1996 movie Set It Off. Chock full o’ disses, Foxy was certain that some of them were directed at her. She made the beef known over the next few months during various interviews, and even remade MC Lyte’s “10% Diss” to comment on the situation. That’s when The Queen obliterated her haters with “Name Callin’ Part II.” If Part One wasn’t about Foxy Brown, this one made no question about it!
Comeback Track: Foxy fought back with the homophobic “Talk To Me,” which took cheap shots at Queen Latifah’s failing talk show ratings, and even drew newcomer Queen Pen into the fray. However, the track was widely ignored by the mainstream media, who dubbed Latifah the winner of the beef-off. By 2000, the two buried the hatchet, with Foxy appearing on her talk show, and L performing Foxy’s “Na Na Be Like.”

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