Pitch Slapped: The 10 Most Brutal Lady Diss Tracks In Hip Hop

by (@JordanRuntagh)

5. “Bang, Bang” by Foxy Brown and Capone-N-Noreaga  (2000)

Aimed At: Lil’ Kim
Fightin’ Words:  “You talk slick, f–k is all that sneak shit?/
You and Diddy y’all kill me with that subliminal sh–, bitch/ Why is you frontin and kickin that street shit?/Please, impress me, go back to that freak shit”
Behind The Beef: These two actually used to be good friends, and nearly did an album together back in the mid ’90s. It’s unclear about how exactly the beef started, apparently with a lot of miscommunication in both camps. Brown released the song “My Life” as a peace offering on her 1999 album Chyna Doll, but still had subtle disses sprinkled elsewhere in the album. Kim wasn’t ready to bury the hatchet quite yet, offering up a brutal guest verse on Mobb Deep’s “Quiet Storm (Remix)” as well as her own lacerating “Notorious K.I.M.”  So that’s when Foxy called upon CNN to issue the ultimate audio assault, even laying into Kim’s grief for the recently slain Biggie Smalls with the line  “Let the n—a rest in peace, and hop off his dick, bitch do you.”
Comeback Track: Ehhh, this one actually ended with some jail time. Kim didn’t issue a diss track, per se, but just a few days after the track dropped a shooting incident took place outside New York’s Hot 97 radio station, where Kim was due to give an interview. According to police, 20 shots were fired between two groups of three men. Kim and Capone (one half of Capone-N-Noreaga) both denied any knowledge of the assault, but detectives proved otherwise, and Kim was found guilty of perjury and three counts of conspiracy. She was sentenced to one year and a day in prison, and three years prohibition. Foxy once again tried to end the feud between her old friend, but Kim refused any contact.
Bonus Points: In 2011, Jackie-O issued her own version of the song, also directed at Kim. Jackie-O and Foxy have also exchanged beef tracks. As we’ll see in…

6.  “T.K.O.” by  Jackie-O (2005)
Aimed At: Foxy Brown
Fightin’ Words: “Sick whore, insecure, til it aint even funny/You been exposed you gimmick/Give the people back they money/You told me to bow down?/Cuz you supposed to be a vet?/You a tennis ball/You get knocked around on every set”
Behind The Beef: Jackie-O was recording in a Miami studio when Foxy Brown and her business manager dropped by unannounced and tried to negotiate a featured guest verse. Jackie wasn’t really down with the idea, which reportedly caused Foxy to fly into a rage, screaming  “You don’t know who the f–k I am? You need to bow down. That’s what’s wrong with y’all new rapper hoes.” According to Jackie herself, she could hear Brown in the recording booth seething, “This bitch don’t know, I’m about to slap the s–t out of her.” Jackie couldn’t help but get the last word with “T.K.O.,” which gives a blow by blow of the altercation, and features a recording of Foxy denying the tiff on a news program in the following days.
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