Bands Gone Wild: 10 Outrageous Rock Performances Caught On Live TV

by (@JordanRuntagh)

3. Iggy Pop Goes Rogue Down Under (1979)

In the words of Rick James, cocaine is a hell of a drug! That’s the only explanation we can think of for Iggy’s whacked out and ultra-jittery behavior on an Australian music show called Countdown. He greets the interviewer by yelling “Hiya, Darkface!” at him,  before yelping “G’day! G’day!” over and over again. The performance is even crazier, featuring a seriously hopped up Iggy jack-knifing around the stage while (barely) lip-syncing to “I’m Bored.” You definitely won’t be bored watching this.


4. Johnny Rotten Destroys American Bandstand (1980)

He’d already shocked British television viewers by dropping F-bombs on a morning chat show alongside his mates in the Sex Pistols back in 1976but Johnny Rotten (A.K.A. John Lydon) once again struck fear into the hearts of live TV producers during a visit to Dick Clark‘s American Bandstand. The punk pioneer refused to mime during an appearance with his new band Public Image LTD, and instead he sat on the floor of the studio, threw himself into the assembled audience, and stuck his nose into the camera. At his instigation crowd flooded the stage, and the recording soon descended into chaos. For all of the madness, Dick handled it like a champ, and later voted it his 8th favorite appearance in the show’s history.

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