Bands Gone Wild: 10 Outrageous Rock Performances Caught On Live TV

by (@JordanRuntagh)

7. Nirvana on Top of the Pops (1991)

And of course, let’s not forget the time that they messed with MTV execs by launching into the first few bars of “Rape Me” during the 1992 VMAs. But our favorite time that Nirvana stuck it to the man on live TV across the pond on the British music mainstay Top of the Pops. The producers probably thought they were doing the band a favorite by not forcing them to totally mime, but allowing Kurt Cobain to perform the vocals live on-air. Clearly not satisfied with the compromise, he sang in the number in the low-pitched croon of a lounge-y nightclub act. This was definitely not what the folks at TOTP (or at home) had signed up for, and¬†Nivana were never invited back on the program.


8. Green Day Hijack Kid’s TV Show (1997)

A children’s television program in Australia must have really felt that they were upping their street cred by having Billie Joe and the boys appear on their program. The band were only asked on for an interview, but soon they commandeered some other group’s equipment and asked the young crowd what they wanted to hear. While the host looked on helplessly, they launched into a blistering version of the album cut “The Grouch,”¬†filled with words that are definitely not appropriate for Saturday morning kid’s TV.

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