15 Monster Hit Singles That Almost Never Happened

by (@JordanRuntagh)

11. “Where The Streets Have No Name” by U2 (1987)

Although destined to become a stadium anthem, the band had a difficult time getting this tune down on record. In fact, co-producer Brian Eno estimated that half of the time recording U2’s landmark The Joshua Tree album went to working on this song alone!  Their arrangement was so complex that it had to be sketched out on a massive school blackboard and wheeled into the studio, and they labored for weeks to get just a single take. Eno was so frustrated by the tedious mixing process that he planned to “stage an accident” and erase the tapes and just start the whole thing over. The only thing stopping him was a fellow engineer, who ran over to physically stop Eno before he taped over the classic.


10. “Kiss” by Prince (1986)

[Photo: Warner Brothers]

[Photo: Warner Brothers]

Here’s another song that fought hard for the right to be heard! The Artist Currently Known As Prince originally gave the song to the group Mazarati, who gave the tune a funky overhaul. Prince was so impressed when he heard their version that he took the song back for himself! He wiped their vocals off the track, recorded his own singing, slapped on a killer guitar solo, and BOOM: New Prince single. At least that’s what he was hoping, but Warner Brothers felt the sound was too stripped down for release. Obviously he got away with it,  because he’s Prince. Massive success ensued.

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