Music By The Numbers: Our 25 Favorite Songs “Numbered” 1 To 25

by (@megsokay)


Everyone loves a good old fashioned music video countdown, but we thought we’d turn the tables and do a countup…with a twist. The 25 songs on our list aren’t bound together by musical genre or release date. It’s just that when you listen these 25 songs in order, you’re not just listening to great music, you’re also counting from 1 to…25.

Or in the case of Taylor Swift and Miley Cyrus, “22” to “23”.

1)”…Baby One More Time” by Britney Spears

Yeah, sure, tons of songs start with “one,” but we wanted to kick off the countup with music video. This classic pop song doesn’t just harp on the word “one,” it’s also the song that jumpstarted Britney Spears’s career. Oh, and it just had a 15th anniversary.

2) “Song 2″ by Blur

Hey, we just couldn’t resist making our “Song 2″ our song 2. Plus, this Blur song is one of our favorite accidental rock anthems of the ’90s.

[Photo Credit: Big Machine & Interscope]

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