A Guide To Justin Timberlake, From A To Z

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Justin Timberlake is having a big week. Not only did he release his second studio album of the year (The 20/20 Experience part 2) but he has a new thriller with Ben Affleck debuting on Friday. Runner, Runner represents his return to theaters following his role in the overlooked Trouble With The Curve. The fact that he has two diverse projects coming out only reinforces that fact that Timberlake has had quite a varied career (and personal life). With that, here’s your JT guide covering everything from ‘A to Z.’


A: Academy Awards

No, Timberlake has never been nominated for an Oscar. Though, the days are coming when that might be the case (see: I). In 1999, N SYNC recorded “Music Of My Heart” with Gloria Estefan for the film of the same name. The song, penned by Diane Warren, was later nominated for Best Original Song putting the boy band on the Oscar stage for just one night. And probably making them the only boy band ever allowed near such a ceremony.

B: Biel, Jessica

While there have been numerous women (Britney Spears, see: C) in JT’s life, only one has locked him down. Though, the relationship has come with its share of rumors (she’s the doormat) and turmoils (he’s cheating on her). After dating for four years, the two broke up in 2011. But later that year JT got down on one knee. Their 2012 wedding came with its own drama: N SYNC (see: K) wasn’t invited to the ceremony, the People cover left wondering who was the real star of the relationship.

C: “Cry Me A River”

After a very public three year relationship, JT and Britney Spears parted ways in 2002. The reason why is still subject of speculation. Was it because Spears cheated on Timberlake with dance choreographer Wade Robson? No one knows for sure. What we do know is that after an argument with his ex, Timberlake channeled his anger into recording “Cry Me A River.” “Told me you loved me, why did you leave me all alone / Now you tell me you need me when you call me on the phone,” Justin sings on the record. Burn.

D: “Dick In A Box”

Listed at number nine on Vulture‘s Millennial 100 list, “Dick In A Box” helped not only define a generation but JT’s life outside of music. Saturday Night Live‘s digital short brilliantly parodied ’90s R&B while poking fun at the singer himself. It also launched Timberlake, the omnipresent entertainer. Fans could find him in movies, hosting Saturday Night Live (five times), at concerts or hanging out on late night talk shows (see: Q). It’s also worth mentioning that his SNL career has been as nearly successful as his singing. He’s been nominated for three Emmy Awards and taken home one as host of the show.

E: Edison

Long before The Social Network, JT was making the transition from singer to singer/actor. His first major role was the Morgan Freeman straight-to-DVD flick, Edison, about corrupt cops. He quickly followed up the flop with Alpha Dog, Southland Tales and Black Snake Moan. While the last two were seen as slight missteps, neither would derail his acting career, which finally saw him in the Oscar-winning David Fincher movie as Sean Parker.

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