K-Ci and JoJo Talk About Their New Album and Their Passion for Making Music

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What does the future hold for you guys and Jodeci?

JoJo: You know what, I can’t read into the future, so I really don’t know, but right now we just want to focus on this album here. I don’t know how to juggle, so I have to do one thing at a time. So right now we’re just really concentrating on K-Ci and JoJo from this moment.

When it’s all said and done, what do you want your musical legacy to be and people to remember?

JoJo: The lyrics to the songs [laughter]. And just to remember the fun things about us. Let the good outweigh the bad.

Please talk about the song “Somebody Please” off the new album. You sing your hearts out on that record! It’s like an old-school throwback to Motown, which is coming back around in a big way for a new generation of fans.

K-Ci: We’re deeply rooted from the church and we do have that soul in us. So that song right there, when they let us hear it I was like it was perfect. And, if you can remember, it’s right down my alley because I did a remake of Bobby Womack. We want to give something for the old and young — or not so old and not so young. We want to cater to everybody.

And the title song off the new album “My Brother’s Keeper” — what’s the story behind that powerful and emotional song?

It is a conversation. And the guy that wrote it (Roger “Mista Raja” Greene, Jr.), he got inspired by coming to one of our concerts and seeing us perform, and I think K-Ci and I hugged and he said it just brought chills to him and he just went home and started writing because he was thinking about the show and how it touched him. That’s one of my favorite songs as well.

Any possibility of you guys collaborating with your cousin Fantasia on some music?

K-Ci: Absolutely! If we don’t do it out here we’ll do it in church, so you might want to come to Sunday service sometime [laughter].

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