Everything You Need To Know About St. Lucia

by (@sllambe)

6. Radiohead’s OK Computer had a big impact on him.

“The album that really got me interested in how to create weird sounds, and pretty much changed my life, was OK Computer. Funnily enough, my parents bought it for me because it was recommended to them, and the first 2 times I heard it I absolutely hated it. But, because it was the weekend and nothing was open, I was forced to live with it for the weekend, and after a few listens it really opened itself up to me. I’d literally never heard anything like it before that. So, for years after that I would just dream about how I could make these sounds.”

7. He likes producing other artists’ music more than making his own.

“One of my favorite things is producing other artists, because, in many ways, it’s a lot more freeing than working on your own music,” Grobler said in an interview. “So, I’d love to work with people who are very open about their sound, and ready to experiment to find something new. I’m all about throwing shit against a wall and hoping it sticks. Most of the time it does, if you trust it to.”

8. He’s a fan of VH1 You Oughta Know Artist, Haim.

“I think HAIM are going to destroy,” Grobler told YandP.tv. “They kind of have the perfect formula (not that it’s a formula). 3 beautiful sisters who play their instruments like rock gods and don’t hold anything back.”

9. St. Lucia is a coffee addict.

“I will readily confess that I’m a coffee addict,” Grobler told HuffPo. “Often when you’re on the road it’s hard to find, but my day is made all the better when I can have a really good cappuccino made from really good espresso. These are first world problems though, so I can definitely cope with a good cup of drip coffee.”

10. Grobler is really easy on the eyes.

From his appreciation for (and ability to pull off) floral prints, to his pretty face, Grobler makes St. Lucia look so dreamy.

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If you still haven’t listened to his new album, check it out here.

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