The 10 Biggest Songs About Balls

by (@BHSmithNYC)

5. The Breeders, “Cannonball” (1993)

Led by on-again off-again Pixies bassist Kim Deal, The Breeders went from grunge also-rans to one-hit wonders with this nonsensical but infectious 1993 hit. The lyrics make no sense and the only thing it has to do with cannons, balls or cannonballs is the repeated chorus but you know, it sure is catchy and the twin Deal sisters were almost kind of cute.

6. Accept, “Balls to The Wall” (1984)
Despite its title and the album of the same name’s ambiguously creepy cover, this balls out 1984 metal anthem from Germany’s Accept is actually….a human rights anthem? Apparently so according to guitarist Wolf Hoffmann who said “That’s really what ‘Balls To The Wall’ is all about. ‘One day the tortured will stand up and kick some ass!” I totally got that, didn’t you?

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