From A To Z: Everything You Need To Know About TLC

by (@sllambe)


P: “Pebbles”

An ’80s dance singer, Pebbles sang the hits “Girlfriend” and “Mercedes Boy.” By the early ’90s, the singer started going by her real name, Perri Reid, and transitioned into management and signed TLC to her Altanta-based production company Pebbitone. Despite the group’s initial success, tensions rose between Reid and TLC over financial disputes resulting in bankruptcy (see: D).

R: R U The Girl

In 2005, Watkins and Thomas served as judges on the singing reality competition, R U The Girl. The show was initially promoted as a contest to find a replacement for Left Eye, who was already deceased. The group ultimately walked back the grand prize and said the winner would just collaborate on one song with the singers.

S: Sickle-cell Anemia

When she was a child, Watkins was diagnosed with sickle-cell anemia, something she kept secret from her group. The singer was finally forced to reveal her diagnosis when she became violently ill while they were tour with MC Hammer. Watkins would later become a spokesperson for the Sickle Cell Disease Association of America helping others afflicted by the disease.

T: Topless

In November of 1994, the group appeared on the cover of Vibe. Though, the real excitement (and controversy) was the group’s topless photo shoot inside the magazine. With the release of CrazySexyCool, the group pushed a sexier image that saw them in revealing outfits, singing more sexual aggressive songs (“Creep”) and owning their womanhood.

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