10 Videos From The ’90s With Special Effects That Blew Our Minds

by (@unclegrambo)

ARTIST: Michael Jackson & Janet Jackson
SONG: “Scream”
DIRECTOR: Mark Romanek
YEAR: 1995

“Scream” is the most expensive music video of all-time, costing a reported $6.5 million. And you know what? It looks like it. The sets are flawless, there’s scenes that take place in zero gravity and, well, it’s Michael and Janet Jackson, so you know that things probably ran a bit late and got a bit perfectionistic. We’re guessing that a good chunk of the budget went to the computer-generated game of space racquetball that MJ is seen playing in the GIFs below; the technology is probably something that you could create on your iPad today, but at the time, it probably took something like 1,000 computers to make this come to life.


SONG: “Even Better Than The Real Thing”
DIRECTOR: Kevin Godley
YEAR: 1992

“Even Better Than The Real Thing” won the 1992 VMA for Best Visual Effects for its dizzying, “How did they do THAT?” cinematography. Twentysome years later, we’re still in awe (and dizzy as all get out).


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