Celebrate Paul McCartney’s New Album With Our 10 Favorite 21st Century Macca Tracks

by (@JordanRuntagh)


Music lovers rejoiced yesterday as the unsurpassable Sir Paul McCartney dropped his latest long-player, the apply-titled New! With a little help from master producers like Mark Ronson (Amy Winehouse) and Paul Epworth (Adele), the record is attracting rave reviews from pretty much anything with a pair of ears. But honestly, do you expect anything less from the former Beatle?

While many “artists of a certain age” have struggled for relevance (and new ideas) in recent years, our very favorite Knight of the Turntable has never had a problem delivering always the goods well into his seventies. The man dominated the face of 20th century music, but it seems like he’s making a stab at the 21st century, too! Just give a listen to our 10 favorite (and under appreciated) latter-year gems from one of the greatest artists of all time. Enjoy!

10. “Lonely Road” from Driving Rain (2001)

As the millennium turned, McCartney issued his first album of totally original material since the tragic death of his wife Linda in 1998. Not usually one to wear his deepest emotions on his sleeve, this opening track seemed like an uncharacteristically honest expression of his heartbreak and fear of growing older without his beloved companion of 30 years.


9. “Driving Rain” from Driving Rain (2001)

Still keeping on the road theme, the title track to Paul’s first 21st century debut is a bouncy and (dare I say it) Beatle-esque pop song. The lyrics can be little pieces of nursey-rhyme fluff at times, but the chorus will get lodged into your brain for days…both classic McCartney trademarks!

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