Celebrate Paul McCartney’s New Album With Our 10 Favorite 21st Century Macca Tracks

by (@JordanRuntagh)

“Promise To You Girl” from Chaos and Creation In The Backyard (2005)

Paul lulls us into a false state of complacency on this one, starting things off with a mournful piano ballad about “looking through the backyard of my life.” Then he kicks out some pretty funky boogie-woogie  piano, the most furious and complex he’s done (arguably) since “Lady Madonna” nearly 40 years before!


“That Was Me” from Memory Almost Full (2007)

Paul spent the greater part of his solo career trying to distance himself from his Beatle past, and was originally reluctant to play songs from the Fab Four days during performances. It wasn’t until recent years that Beatles tunes began to outweigh the Wings-era cuts, and his Hofner violin bass -the trademark of his Beatlemania persona- became a staple at his gigs. On this stomper, he finally seems to gleefully take a look back and embrace what he’s achieved. “That was me!” he sings with almost a trace of disbelief, as he recalls moments “in a cellar…Merseybeatin’ with the band.”  Personal memories for him, but it’s musical history to the rest of us.

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