Celebrate Paul McCartney’s New Album With Our 10 Favorite 21st Century Macca Tracks

by (@JordanRuntagh)

“House Of Wax” from Memory Almost Full (2007)

Passion drips from every line of this apocalyptic barnstormer. Apparently written about his views on celebrity status, the track is noticeably darker than his usual sunny musical outlook. And we dig it! The haunted ascending howls at the end of the chorus are chilling. His voice is raw but strong as it strains to hit the notes, as if making one last shot  to revisit his own high-water mark.


“Dance Till We’re High” (as The Fireman) from Electric Arguments (2008)

The secret’s out! For years, music fans theorized that the mysteriously anonymous electronica collective known as The Fireman was actually a McCartney side project. But for this 2008 record (their third since 1993), the group finally came clean as Sir Paul and master producer Youth. Going for a looser approach, each track on the album was recorded in only a day, and the result was arguably McCartney’s most interesting work in years. While pegged as ambient and airy, there were some seriously heavy bluesy tracks (“Nothing Too Much Just Out Of Sight”, among them), as well as this uber catchy cut. “We had a ball making this album,” he said in an interview with Rolling Stone. “It was a great departure because it seemed more like improv theater. In the improv spirit, there are William Burroughs-type cut-ups in the lyrics.”

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