Interview: Rush’s Geddy Lee Talks About New Live Recording

by (@BHSmithNYC)

What are your favorite live albums, both your own and other artists?

Live records of mine are very painful to listen to because you always think you can do it better. I don’t think I have a single favorite one. I really love the Rush In Rio one just from the point of view that the crowd is so interesting and it was such an unusual evening, largely because everything was so delayed and there was so many problems that the night we went on, we went on without sound check, without camera check and we just kind of hit the stage and what’ll be is what it’ll be, and it turned out great and largely because the crowd was so exhilarating. But as far as other bands there are numerous live albums that influenced me when I was younger. The Who Live at Leeds was one of my very favorite albums. The Humble Pie live album I think was a game changer for a lot of young musicians like myself at that time. Stevie Marriot live is just a thrill, yeah, he’s so awesome. So those are two of my real favorite live albums.

With your induction into the Rock and Roll Hall ff Fame and the Rush: Beyond the Lighted Stage documentary it seems like the press has finally realized what Rush fans have always known, that Rush are one of rock’s great bands. Is it strange to now to be so respected?

Well I don’t know, it’s a strange question to answer. We’ve been fortunate in our career that we’ve had such a loyal fan base and I guess what’s clear is a lot of those fans grew up and became musicians or people with an opinion that they could share. And so the Hall of Fame thing seemed to represent a coming together of all those closet Rush fans over the years coming out of the closet in a way and. It’s been real nice. I have to say that we didn’t expect the event to be a big deal but it sure turned out to be a big deal and there was a decidedly triumphant atmosphere at our concerts and the ones that happened after the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame show than before so it’s been a very pleasant after effect.

[Photo: Getty Images]

[Photo: Getty Images]

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