A Glossary Of Katy Perry’s Cliches, Euphemisms And Idioms

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Earlier this week, we broke down the life of Katy Perry from A to Z and now we are breaking down the lyrics of all the songs from her past three albums. From One Of The Boys to PRISM, we counted hundreds of cliches, euphemisms and idioms. The best are collected here for your easy reference so you never have to question what the lyrics in songs, such as “Roar” or “Wide Awake,” means ever again.


An Airplane Riding A Tidal Wave On An Ocean Of Emotion. Gibberish about love.

An airplane riding a tidal wave on an ocean of emotion
–“Self Inflicted,” One Of The Boys

Birds And The Bees, The. The fabled story of sexual relations between two grown adults, here Perry and her mystery man who happens to taste like honey. Mmhmmm.

Some call it science we call it chemistry / This is the story of the birds and the bees
–“Hummingbird Heartbeat,” Teenage Dream

Birthday Suit. A suit made of air aka being naked.

So let me get you in your birthday suit
–“Birthday,” PRISM

Boat Rocking. Unwarranted trouble caused by speaking out or not politely agreeing. Something avoided by a suppressed Perry.

Scared to rock the boat and make a mess / So I sat quietly, agreed politely
–“Roar,” PRISM

Bring The Beat Back. At first listen, one would think Perry is making reference to the 1986 debut album from Steady B but she’s merely just dropping a phrase that nearly every rapper has said in reference to a musical drop in a song.

What? Wait. No, no, no / Bring the beat back, that’s right
–“This Is How We Do,” PRISM

Cake. Something that Perry wants her man to eat (read: lady parts). It should not be confused with the thing Marie Antoinette suggested her peasants have when they ran out of bread.

So you can have your cake / Give you something good to celebrate
–“Birthday,” PRISM

Cloud Nine. A state of euphoria that Perry once was in but then fell out of. Similar to a contact high.

Falling from cloud nine / Crashing from the high
–“Wide Awake,” Teenage Dream

Creme De La Crop. Not to be confused with Crème de la crème; ‘Crop’ is the best there ever was.

If you want me, a cherry on top, the pick of the peck / The creme de la crop
–“If You Can Afford Me,” One Of The Boys

Dark Horse. Commonly thought of as unexpected candidate who becomes the one to beat. But in Perry’s case, her vagina coming for you.

Cause I’m coming at you like a dark horse
–“Dark Horse,” PRISM

Different Beat. Something that Perry marches to. It’s not your beat, so back off.

I can feel a phoenix inside of me / As I march alone to a different beat
–“Who Am I Living For?,” Teenage Dream

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