What Are The 30 Most Offensive Band Names Of All Time?


The Sex Pistols and a flurry of fellow foul-mouthed punks raised the bar in the late ‘70s and the last 20 years has seen an explosion of unbelievably offensive names come out of the extreme metal fringe. It takes a lot to shock people these days, but during our in-depth “research” putting this article together, we were truly astounded by the depths of some bands’ depravity. More than once. Lest you think this article is pure sensationalism, we used a scientifically precise points system to determine these bands offensiveness. Is their name merely disgusting or profane? Is it sexist and/or homophobic? Does it condone criminal behavior or animal cruelty? Does it condone criminal acts performed with animals? At funerals? These are the questions we asked in order to bring you The 30 Most Offensive Band Names of All Time.

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