Metal Machine Music: The 10 Best Tracks That Sample Lou Reed’s Songs

by (@JordanRuntagh)

8. “Walk On The Wild Side” by DJ Disse (2007)

Lou Reed as a trance song? It’s just crazy enough to work! Mad props to DJ Disse for re-purposing Reed’s most famous track as a wordless techno jam. Aside from the pulsating beat and some phasing effects, he subtracts rather than adds to the original, creating a throbbing atmospheric piece.  It’s not terribly original (check the title), but we could listen to that sax solo all day.


7. “Intro-Inspection” by Osymyso (2002)

Full-scale mashup sound collages (in the Girltalk vein) can be divisive, but we happen to be huge fans of these electronic symphonies. This album opener from the criminally underrated Osymyso weaves together some of our favorite classic tracks into something totally and unique. Snatches of “Walk On The Wild Side” float in and our of our headphones like a fever dream, before being overtaken by the likes of the Beach Boys and Barry White and a host of others. 

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