Metal Machine Music: The 10 Best Tracks That Sample Lou Reed’s Songs

by (@JordanRuntagh)

6. “Fantastic Voyage” by Takako Minekawa (1999)

Reed’s influence was felt far and wide, as evidenced by this techno pop piece coming to us all the way from Japan! Composer Minekawa used the hook-filled “do-do-do”s of the backing singers referred to (in a very non-PC way) on “Walk On The Wild Side,” putting his unique spin on one of the most New Yorky of tunes.¬†Close your eyes, relax and float down-steam…


5. “You Can’t Always Get What You Want” by Luther Allison (1997)

Paying tribute to two legends at once, the great Luther Allison slips the familiar “do-do-do” backing vocals of “Walk On The Wild Side” into the breakdown of this Rolling Stones cover. Because we’re so firmly entrenched in Stones-Land, the Reed shout-out catches us totally off guard. And yet, it fits so perfectly!

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