Metal Machine Music: The 10 Best Tracks That Sample Lou Reed’s Songs

by (@JordanRuntagh)

2. “Theme From The Deerstalker” by Beats International (1990)

That’s a young Norman Cook (better known as DJ extraordinaire Fatboy Slim) manning the turntables on this funktastic cut. Just like his later works, Cook makes it catchy, dance-y and filled with groove. Bonus points for working in the bell sounds from “Sunday Morning” by Lou’s old band, The Velvet Underground.


1. “Clean Getaway” by Caviar (2004)

A track from this little known Chicago alt-rock band deserves the top spot for the sole reason that they’re the only folks who sampled a song other than “Walk On The Wild Side”! That’s the sign of a true fan, right there. Even though it was featured in a TV ad for Safeway supermarkets, this song that samples 1978’s “Street Hassle” is still pretty great. Hey, Lou did a Honda commercial in the ’80s, so it’s all good. You can listen to this track, as well as the rest of the ones on our list, in the Spotify playlist below!

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