Drake Throws Himself A Birthday Party In Brooklyn

by (@emilyexton)

4. Find a special someone

One of the more interesting things about a Drake show–and Drake fans—is the sheer hysteria that occurs when Aubrey takes the stage. For someone who’s never been overly sexual in his music, he elicits high-pitched screams that rival those heard at a Justin Bieber concert. And while it’s not his primary performance tactic, he eats up the response–and encourages it to go further–through a casual pelvic thrust or compliments paid to the woman with the “best legs” he’s seen in New York. Drake pulled the “Can I sing to her?” card out of Trey Songz bag of tricks during an encore of “Hold On,” and got very close to his one less lonely girl; decide for yourself whether “do you have a hotel room?” is a joke or a serious inquisition. (I’m torn.)

5. Dance

For a rapper who’s been too frequently labeled as “sad,” Drake certainly seems like he’s having fun. With a hip swivel, two-step, or simply flailing about like a seventh-grader who just won the Little League World Series, Drake is the personification of the phrase “dance like no one is watching.” And with the number of party jams and cultural phenomena he’s created that rival his more introspective musings, why shouldn’t he celebrate?

Since emerging behind a powerhouse like Lil Wayne, Drake has slowly been developing into his own brand of live performer, and now it’s clear he’s found his stride. If you’re a ticket holder counting down the days to your special night, be prepared for a lot of NWTS, a lot of dancing, and a lot of tank tops.

[Photo Credit: Getty Images]

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