Blame It On The Alcohol: The 15 Most Infamous Drunk Performances By Rock Stars

by (@JordanRuntagh)

15 Bands Who Got Drunk On Stage

Not to generalize, but rock stars tend to have two main activities: Playing massive gigs in front of thousands of adoring fans, and partying pretty hard. Sometimes business and pleasure overlap, leading to an always interesting -but sometimes musically questionable- live performance! Not that we’re judging; rock ‘n’ roll can be a pretty grueling business, and whether they’re just exhausted (like their publicists claim) or they need to blow off steam with a bender, these rebellious bad boys (and girls) are gonna do their thing their way. Read on for some infamous boozy gigs from 15 legendary bands. Raise a glass and enjoy!

15. Rihanna at Perth Arena, Australia (September 24th, 2013)

Riri did indeed seem a little out of it when kicking off the Australian leg of her Diamonds World Tour. But maybe it was just the killer jet lag! Whatever the case, at least she didn’t have to run off mid-song to throw up again…


14. Slash of Guns n’ Roses at New York City’s The Ritz (May 16th, 1991)

There are several priceless moments from this classic G’n’R gig. Slash plays the intro of “Welcome to the Jungle” in a totally different key, and isn’t above messing up the intro to “Sweet Child ‘O Mine.” Come on, Slash- We can totally nail it on Guitar Hero!

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