Blame It On The Alcohol: The 15 Most Infamous Drunk Performances By Rock Stars

by (@JordanRuntagh)

3. The Replacements on Saturday Night Live (January 18th, 1986)

The ‘Mat’s got themselves banned from SNL for this ragged musical guest spot. The first tune in their set was salvageable, but things got bad later on in after they had a bit more time to stock up on the free backstage beverages. They switched clothes, swore at the audience (apparently), and the quality of their playing noticeably deteriorated as they staggered through “Kiss Me On The Bus”. Even so, the DGAF level of their appearance was insanely high, an it helped cement their status as rock renegades.


2. Keith Moon of the Who at San Francisco’s Cow Palace (November 20th, 1973)

Moon the Loon was on more than just booze, he was fighting with animal tranquilizers to stay upright during this performance. He made it seventy minutes into the set before he passed out at the kit, and had to be carried offstage to sleep it off. But the potential disaster held an amazing silver lining for one obscenely lucky fan. Guitarist Pete Townshend asked the audience if there was a drummer in the house, and soon 19-year-old Scot Halpin was pulled from the crowd and playing skins with his idols for three songs to close out the show!


1. Scott Stapp of Creed at Chicago’s Allstate Arena (December 29th, 2002)

Scott Stapp

Scott Stapp

Hey, remember that time that Creed gave such a poor performance that the audience collectively sued them for $2 million dollars? Lead singer Scott Stapp probably doesn’t! That’s because he was supremely “medicated,” to the point that he wasn’t able to perform. According to court documents, he “was so intoxicated and/or medicated that he was unable to sing the lyrics of a single Creed song. Instead, during the Creed concert, Stapp left the stage for long periods of time, rolled around on the floor of the stage in apparent pain or distress, and appeared to pass out while onstage.” Luckily he’s since gotten himself clean, and apologizes for the incident in the pages of his 2012 autobiography.

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