Miley Cyrus Lights A Joint Onstage At The EMAs, Joins Our List Of 20 Celebrity Potheads

by (@JordanRuntagh)
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Miley Cyrus stole headlines during the MTV VMAs back in August, and she managed to do the same thing last night during the European Music Awards! What did she do? Well the show was held in very-liberal Amsterdam, so let’s see if you can guess…

Yes, the singer lit up a joint while accepting her Best Video award for “Wrecking Ball”. A scantily-clad Miley took the stage clutching a purse, which she jokingly cleaned out to try to fit the trophy inside. It still wouldn’t fit , but she did manage to find a “hand rolled cigarette” buried inside. And she wasn’t about to let it go to waste!

Granted, small qualities of pot is legally sold in coffee bars across the Netherlands, but the sight of the former Disney star smoking a J on live TV predictably raised quite a lot of eyebrows. Congrats Miley, you managed to steal the show in a way that’s (slightly) more mature than waving a foam finger around while sticking your tongue out.

It was the spliff seen ’round the world, but she’s definitely not the only “green celeb” out there (if you catch our drift). Head up to the gallery above to see 25 of our favorite famous pot heads!

[Photo: Getty Images]

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