“Cherry Pie” Video Vixen Bobbie Brown Tells All In Sexy Rock Memoir

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The steamy clip for Warrant‘s “Cherry Pie” made everyone hungry back in 1990, and now video vixen Bobbie Brown is taking us for a wild ride through her star-filled rock ‘n’ roll past. Her new book “Dirty Rocker Boys” hits the shelves on November 26th, and she is not afraid to give the dirt on her (very) famous lovers!

Among many highlights is the model’s alleged fling with a 19-year-old Leonardo DiCaprio back in the early ’90s. Despite his heartthrob status, little Leo apparently was a little nervous around such an (*ahem*) experienced partner. “So Bobbie, do you have any diseases? Also what about gonorrhea? Have you been tested for that?” she claims he said to her. But despite his reservations, Brown has nothing but good things to say about young Leo. “I unbuttoned his jeans and tugged down on his boxers. [What] I saw made me gasp. It made no sense. The kid put Tommy Lee to shame!”

And that’s not the only big (and we mean BIG) name that she named. Bobbie also confirmed our story that Motley Crue’s Tommy Lee is indeed packin’ heat. “The sex with Tommy was mind-blowing. And the rumors about him are true. ‘Dear God, it’s like a baby’s arm,’ I thought the first time I saw him naked.” She also opens up about their infamous love triangle with Baywatch babe Pamela Anderson, the woman who would go on to be Lee’s wife.

Of course Brown also describes how she landed her sweet star-making role, thanks to a turn on TV’s talent show Star Search. Warrant front-man Jani Lane happened to be tuned in, and was smitten at first sight. He immediately cast her in the band’s new music video, and couldn’t contain his excitement when they started filming. “You look so f–king hot,” he reportedly blurted out as she strolled onto the set. Apparently the feeling was mutual and the two became an item. They eventually married, but it was rocky from the start. “I loved Jani, but he drank a lot and he could be mean when he was drinking. When I found out he was cheating on me, I couldn’t forgive that.” They ultimately split, and Lane tragically died of alcohol poisoning in August 2011.

In addition to her intimate encounters with leading men as diverse as Dave Navarro, Kevin Costner, and Mark McGrath, the 44-year-old bombshell’s memoir also chronicles her harrowing struggle with drugs, long road to recovery, and current happiness as a reality show star and mother. For more, pick up the book on November 26th!

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