Kanye West Beef Alert: What’s He Got Against Bruno Mars?


Kanye West Barclays

Kanye West treated fans at the Barclay Center in Brooklyn to a classic Yeezy rant on Wednesday night, and it’s going to take us a minute to unravel all the things he’s upset about this time. The clearest target, as far as we can tell, is Bruno Mars, or, more specifically, MTV for giving Bruno Mars “all the motherf–king awards and sh–” at the VMAs this year. “Then can’t no motherf–king networks try to gas everybody up so they can sell some product with the prettiest motherf–ker out,” he said. (As MTV just pointed out, Mars won exactly two awards, Best Male Video for “Locked Out of Heaven” and Best Choreography for “Treasure.) Who else is he mad at?

  • Rick Rubin, possibly, for advising Kanye to “just do your song and leave” at the VMAs, so as not to get too upset by them.
  • Oprah, also for wanting ‘Ye to stop “scaring” people. He likes scaring people! “When I go on my rants it’s like a stream of consciousness, it’s like meditation and sh–.
  • MediaTakeout.com, or, as he calls them, “MediagetyourassletmeseeyourfaceI’mgonnaf—youuptakeout,” for encouraging the culture of nasty anonymous comments on its blog.
  • Someone we can’t see who breaks his stream of thought during his speech. “When I go on my rants it’s like a stream of consciousness, it’s like meditation and sh–,” he says, so don’t interrupt the genius at work!
  • Balenciaga, for not letting him into their show at some point.
  • Nike CEO Mark Parker, for downplaying the success of Air Yeezys.
  • The fashion industry, for wanting to keep him to designing sneakers, when he really wants to be designing everything. But he says he just signed a deal a week and a half ago, so he’ll show them.
  • That’s as much as we could decipher so far. Maybe we’ll listen to the 10-plus-minute diatribe a few more times to catch the rest. Our favorite quote so far? “I’m not going to be Tesla in my basement.” Yeezy is the best when he makes odd historical references to downtrodden inventors.

    [Photo: Splash News Online]

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