An Official Guide To One Direction’s Midnight Memories For Non-Teenagers


One Direction's Niall Horan. [Photo: Getty Images]

One Direction’s Niall Horan. [Photo: Getty Images]

TRACK 12: “Something Great”
SOUNDS LIKE: Something okay

One of the slower and lower points on the album, “Something Great” doesn’t deliver like you think it will, building and building and then plateauing. Co-written by Gary Lightbody of Snow Patrol fame, this song just trots along as a mid-tempo ballad and refuses to take a position of any sort. Another folksy moment.

TRACK 13: “Little White Lies”
SOUNDS LIKE: Avicii making out with *NSYNC on top of 1D’s last album

This song is what most would probably expect this entire album to sound like – pop with dub-step down beats. It would be on trend in the current pop climate for the boys to make an album of club ready jams playing on the recent mainstream success of EDM. The shocking restraint plays well here and the inclusion of electronic synths are a welcome change from the folksy and rock attitudes seen previously. Reminiscent of last years “Live While We’re Young,” in beat, this one has some slightly sexier lyrics, coyly stated, of course. “You say you’re a good girl, but I know you would girl.” After we heard this one, we just might.

TRACK 14: “Better Than Words”
SOUNDS LIKE: A Buzzfeed listicle or a savvy millennial’s Spotify playlist

Cheeky little Brits! It might take you a few seconds to get what’s going on when you listen to “Better Than Words,” but once you do, it’ll probably have you smiling. The verses are completely comprised of popular song titles. The references aren’t limited to the teen set either, we’re dropping references from Elvis‘ “All Shook Up” to The Bee Gees‘ “How Deep Is Your Love?” Special attention is paid to our patron saint and impending empress Beyoncé, getting two references into the mix with both “Crazy In Love” and “Irreplaceable” getting mentions. The song’s melody doesn’t quite hold up to the clever premise, slowly bopping along with tight guitars and drum claps.

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