Comebacks, Leg Drops And Blurred Lines: What We’re Most Thankful For From The World Of Music In 2013

by (@unclegrambo)

6. Lady Gaga Teaming Up With R. Kelly

The public’s less than enthusiastic reaction to ARTPOP has been well documented. However, it’s not too late for Lady Gaga to turn the ship around, and we have just the way to do it: More collaborations with R.Kelly, please! You wouldn’t think that these two would have much in common, but just like the first time when someone’s chocolate got in someone’s peanut butter, the results are magical. See the performance from the American Music Awards above, or check out their sex push-up heavy performance from SNL to see what we mean. Make more magic, y’all!

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5. Katy Perry’s Cleavage

Katy Perry’s amazing career success is, of course, mainly due to her incredibly catchy body of work (which you can read more about in Katy Perry’s Most Important Collaborators). But don’t sleep on the BODY part of that phrase, either; her combination of girl next door looks and one of the most va-va-voom bodies in the history of pop music has resulted in her current #11 ranking in Maxim‘s Hot 100. Katy is well aware of this part of her appeal, and over the years has worked hard to make sure she’s always putting her best assets on display. And, well, we’re very thankful for it!

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