From A To Z: A Guide To All Things Britney Spears

by (@sllambe)

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F: Fragrances

Like many entertainers, Spears has branched out beyond singing to capitalize on her fame. One particularly successful venture has been perfumes. Spears has released eight fragrances with Elizabeth Arden. Over one million bottles have been sold worldwide, generating $1.5 billion in sales. And that was just in the first five years. Her latest scent, Radiance, came out in 2010 and it wouldn’t be surprising if another popped up next year.

G: Glasses

Of the more random endorsement deals in Spears’ long career was her line of sunglasses called Shades of Britney in 2000. But it was her other deals with Pepsi and Sketchers that proved more successful.

I: Innosense

Like N’SYNC and the Backstreet Boys, Spears briefly worked with Lou Pearlman. Before she signed a solo record deal, she was in talks to join the manager’s girl group, Innosense. Luckily, a family friend urged Spears to tryout for several record labels. Spears was signed to Jive Records, which was responsible for N’SYNC and the Backstreet Boys.

H: How I Met Your Mother

Of the more notable appearances on television, Spears had a small part on HIMYM in 2008, after all the drama in her life began. It was promoted as a big get for the show, but she was really only there for a few laughs. Her additional acting creds include Will & Grace, Saturday Night Live and Glee. But we’ll always have Abby, the receptionist.

J: Jean, Britney

On her eighth studio album, Spears has created a new persona, Britney Jean, who represents a deeper side of the singer. The concept album is supposed to reflect the loneliness of pop life.

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