The Essential Guide To Beyonce’s Surprise Album



SONG: 1. “Pretty Hurts”
KEY LYRICS: “It’s the soul that needs a surgery” and “Blonder hair, flat chest, TV says ‘Bigger is better.'”

Beyoncé delivers a real punch in the gut with “Pretty Hurts,” which details the struggle for inner happiness in a world focused on outward appearances. She shout outs her hometown of Houston (and her moniker Third Ward Trill) in the video as Miss 3rd Ward, a struggling pageant girl collapsing emotionally under the pressure to be perfect. The video shows Miss 3rd Ward telling the pageant audience that her “aspiration in life is to be happy,” and ends with a clip of baby Bey accepting an award as a kid. Surely there’s some autobiographical threads weaved deep through out “Pretty Hurts.”

Warning: you will cry watching this video.
Warning: a model eats a cotton ball in this video.—Kate Spencer

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