The Essential Guide To Beyonce’s Surprise Album



SONG: 2. “Haunted”
KEY LYRICS: “My haunted lungs, ghost in the sheets, I know if I’m haunting you you must be haunting me” and “Slap me. I’m pinned to the doorway. Kiss. Bite. Foreplay.”

If Ryan Murphy was hoping to make American Horror Story: Beyoncé, he’s too late – the Queen just beat him to it. Yes, the video for “Haunted” is essentially an extended opening credits for the hit show, full of freaks and shrieks with some sexy butt-shaking and erotic lyrics mixed in. It’s got a short film feel, as the song doesn’t start until almost two minutes in, and features Bey leisurely gyrating in black lace lingerie while wearing—what else—a crown. Don’t let the vulnerability on some of the other tracks fool you; in “Haunted” Beyonce’s lusty, powerful, dominatrix side is still in full effect.—Kate Spencer

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