The Essential Guide To Beyonce’s Surprise Album

"Blow" "Tear that cherry out," Beyonce commands. Yes ma'am!


“Tear that cherry out,” Beyonce commands. Yes ma’am!

SONG: 4. “Blow”
GUEST: Bey does the vocals all by her self, but Timbaland and Pharrell produced and co-wrote the track, and Justin Timberlake has a co-writer credit, too
KEY LYRICS: “Keep me coming, keep me going / Keep me home and keep me moaning” and “Can you eat the Skittles? / It’s the sweetest in the middle / Pink is the flavor / Solve the riddle”

This track leaps off the proverbial page, and might just be the dirtiest rollerskating jam since Sheena Easton’s “Sugar Walls.” Speaking of rollerskating, the Hype Williams-directed video takes place largely inside an ’80s-tastic roller rink, with Bey and a bunch of her guy and galpals working the four-wheel motion. There’s also an extended sequence in the video that finds Beyonce begging her man to “tear that cherry out,” which she sings while grinding atop the hood of a Ferrari (eat your heart out, Tawny Kitaen!). If you couldn’t tell from the key lyrics above, this song is all about Bey’s desire (commands?) for her man to go down on her. It’s an extremely sexual song from the not-that-innocent Beyoncé, one that reminds us more than a little of Prince at his horniest. TASTE THE RAINBOW, Y’ALL!—Mark Graham

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