The Essential Guide To Beyonce’s Surprise Album

Fuelin' up her '63 Falcon.

Fuelin’ up her ’63 Falcon.

SONG: 5. “No Angel”
KEY LYRICS: “I know I drive you crazy but would you rather that I be a machine/That doesn’t notice when you’re late or when you’re lyin'” and of course, “You’re no angel either”

On the surface it sounds like a classic fake-out love song (popularized by Billy Joel with “Just The Way You Are”), where the singer lists all sorts of reasons why their partner kind of sucks, before turning it around and admitting that they love them for all those same imperfections. But some of Bey’s lyrics seem a little too barbed to be taken quite so lightly -particularly “when you’re late and when you’re lyin.'” Hey now, those are fighting words! Is this a reference to rumors of Jay’z many affairs? Is he lying about why he’s coming home late? Is there trouble in Bey’s Queendom?

Or maybe they just like to get bad in bed together. That’s definitely an option, too.—Jordan Runtagh

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