Sex Push-Ups, Leg-Drops, And Fans: The 10 Most Infamous Musical Performances Of 2013

by (@JordanRuntagh)

8. Rihanna Shows Up Late And Drunk Down Under

Riri pulled a double no-no when appearing for fans in Adelaide when she showed up 80 minutes late! Boos from the crowd were heard as she took to the stage, appearing glassy-eyed and, according to one reviewer, “obviously drunk.” According to video footage and disappointed fan tweets, it was a lack-luster show, with Rihanna relying primarily on backup singers and the crowd for vocal help.


7. K.Michelle’s Camel-Toe Steals The Show

VH1′s very own K.Michele made headlines for a performance in Chicago, and it wasn’t just for the music. The Love and Hip Hop star took to the stage in a very form-fitting jumpsuit, and shots seeming to show severe camel-toe soon set social media on fire. K.Michelle claims that the images were photoshopped, but watch the (undoctored) vid and judge for yourself.